Hello, my name is Susan and I have been a passionate stylist and expert in eyelash extensions and the beauty of the "eye" for more than 15 years. There is a team of colleagues around me who test and research products every day. We want to share the knowledge we have gathered over the years and occasionally write articles here with many tips and tutorials that may be of interest to you. I would be happy if you write to me and tell me about your experiences. Guest contributions are always welcome. - Have fun while reading :-)

Gorgeous Eyelashes Despite Lockdown?

Do you want to maintain that alluring look despite eyelash studios being shut down? There is of course no replacing the expertise of your...

7 smart lockdown ideas for eyelash stylists

These lockdown times in so many countries have been extremely hard on all stylists, especially those who do not receive a compensation for loss...

10 ultimate tips to make your eyelash extensions last longer

  As experts in the field, we wanted to share our experience with you to achieve a long-lasting effect and durability with your eyelash extensions  Every...

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