Great to find you here! I am Jenny from Berlin, a mother, make-up artist and photographer, and love everything that makes life beautiful and much, much more! Gorgeous eyelashes are my passion and that is how I stumbled upon Eyelash Extension 24.

The Top 8 Reasons Why Brow Lamination is the Better Option than Microblading

If you're looking for a way to get fuller, more defined eyebrows, you may be considering either brow lamination or microblading. Both treatments have...

What You are Guaranteed not to Know About Washing Eyelashes

Washing with an eyelash shampoo directly after application is recommended in the case of all types of eyelash extensions, be it individual eyelashes, 3D-XD...

Eyelash Serum – XXL Lashes for Everyone?

Before "eyelash serum" was a long way My name is Helena and I tested XXL Lashes eyelash extension serum from XXL Lashes. You can...

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